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Developer Kit of GL-AR150-Ext Mini Router

Interested in making your own IoT project? We have a developer kit ready now! Packed in a nice 6-component storage box, it includes

  • GL-AR150-Ext Router  x 1
  • 2dbi antenna x 1
  • 5dbi antenna x 1
  • Micro USB cable x 1
  • Tiny USB UART Adapter x 1
  • 5V2A USB power adapter (US/UK/AU/EU) x 1
  • White mini router case x 1
  • 0.8m Ethernet cable x 1
  • PoE Module x 1
  • DS1307 RTC Module x 1
  • Dupont wire cable 1p-1p pin connector x 9
  • GL-AR150-Ext router user guide x 1



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