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Free Shipping on orders over USD100
Free Shipping on orders over USD100

Meet Beryl AX

A Pocket-sized Wi-Fi 6 Router for Home and Travel

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Best for RV Connectivity


Best for Urban Trips

Travel Router

Wireless travel router can enhance your network security with your family!

Best for Minimalist


The most beloved choice for minimalist travelers who pack light but smart!

What our customers say

"A multitool of networking. I'm using this as a portable router for not only holidays, but also AV productions. The GUI is clean and the device can be used for so many applications with its versatile toolkit."
Purchase item: GL-AXT1800


"As a networking and security professional, I can say you might be tempted to replace your home router with this one. This fun size router has more features than most SOHO routers and doesn’t sacrifice on speed. Buy it now!!"
Purchase item: GL-MT3000

Sean H.

"Bought as a back up portable solution. No field test done yet but, after some test at home, it should be good. I've worked with the "v1" version before and it was fine."
Purchase item: GL-E750V2

Jacques P.

"I needed to get wifi to my metal barn. The removable external antennas allowed me to mount an external antenna outside and set the router up as a repeater. Very happy with this router and it capabilities. "
Purchase item: AR300M16-EXT

Philip G.

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