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Free Shipping On Order Over $100
Developer Kit of GL-AR150-Ext Mini Router

Developer Kit of GL-AR150-Ext Mini Router

Interested in making your own IoT project? We have a developer kit ready now! Packed in a nice 6-component storage box, it includes

  • GL-AR150-Ext Router  x 1
  • 2dbi antenna x 1
  • 5dbi antenna x 1
  • Micro USB cable x 1
  • Tiny USB UART Adapter x 1
  • 5V2A USB power adapter (US/UK/AU/EU) x 1
  • White mini router case x 1
  • 0.8m Ethernet cable x 1
  • PoE Module x 1
  • DS1307 RTC Module x 1
  • Dupont wire cable 1p-1p pin connector x 9
  • GL-AR150-Ext router user guide x 1



John S. Wolter - November 1, 2018

Developing for small scale MicroGrids secured remote assess. I’m already familiar with OpenWRT & DD-WRT projects. I would like to more information about your development kits. Second please add my EMail to your newsletter list.

The development kits may be helpful for our small batch oriented production. Thank you for your help.

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